Telling the Original and Reproduction of the Tulip Table Apart

tulipThe Tulip table has been a worthy force in the world of mid-century furniture and even in the current time. Being the great piece that it is both with the looks and the great history it has, it is only fair that most homeowners would want to have this majestic piece of furniture added into their collection. Unfortunately, it comes with a price tag that is hard to stomach for most of people. However, there are saarinen tulip table reproductions that you can buy that look nearly as good but in most instances, the materials used are not the same as those of the original and hence the easier to swallow price tag.

However, it is important to make sure that you can tell apart the differences of when you’re getting the real deal, a great reproduction or when a knock off is being pushed to you. You might pay the price for not knowing the telltale signs of picking one over the other and end up paying a hefty price for something that is not worth it. To save you from such a predicament, here are some of the features that you should look for.


The first thing that you want to look at are the materials that have been used in the making of the tulip table. Ideally, if this is an original, the base will be made from a heavy molded cast aluminum that has a thick coating of Rilsan. The top is made from natural granite or natural marble. Good reproductions will have a variety of materials used in tandem to produce the same look and feel. These can range from laminate to wood veneer for the table top. But if you find that the table is all plastic or parts of it are plastic, then it is a Knock-off.

Check the marble

If you’re going for the real deal, you have to make sure that the marble has a grey vein pattern. It is one of the characteristics of the genuine Saarinen if the table top has been made from marble. A good reproduction will try to mimic the same grain. This might not be as good but the fact that there was an attempt and the fact that marble has been used is a sign that what you’re dealing with is a good reproduction. In some instances cheaper marble might be used like the Carrara marble. For the originals, only the Arabescato marble should be used.

Scrutinize the meeting point

Whether you want to get an original or a reproduction, this is the one area that you should not compromise on for the sake of your handsome buck. The area where the table top meets the base should have screws driven down to a single thread. When the top is in place, it makes it impossible for one to see the screws. Most knock-offs will have the screws out in the open and the joinery around the area is very shoddy. It is definitely something that will sell you out even to a newbie.

Check the measurement

Tulip tables and tulip table reproductions will usually come in five different sizes and each of them has been immaculately measured to fit one of the five measurements. These sizes comprise of 35.75 inches diameter, 42.5 inches, 47.25 inches, 54 inches and 60 inches. Whichever table you are buying should fall in one of these classes.

Looking for these aspects on your tulip table or its reproductions ensures that you have the best possible chance of getting good value for your money. One last thing, if you can afford the original, ensure that the underside of the table top has a chrome plaque that is inscribe with the Eero Saarinen’s signature, the Knoll studio and the year 1956.

Technical Writing: What is it?

ppd-technical-writingTechnical writing is one of the most difficult forms of writing. To be a technical writer you need to be able to convey a technical message in a concise and effective manner. Technical documents must be created using comprehensive and precise information in a brief and understandable style. You will need the ability to be able to correspond with technical experts and have the understanding of all technical terminology.

You are the middleman between the designers, engineers, or scientists and the audience of the technical writings. You have to have the ability to understand what they are saying and then turn it into something that can be understood by someone else. Simply put, it is writing that designs, creates, and upkeeps any kind of technical data such as user manuals, how to guides, and online help just to name a few.

To be able to achieve a career in technical writing you must be able to write complex data in a straightforward, easy to understand and articulate fashion. You must be able to word step by step instructions in a way that seems effortless to a consumer. While doing technical writing one of the most important aspects of your job will be creating for an intended audience. So not only must you understand and convey what you are writing, you must understand whom you are writing it for.

In most cases, you are generally trying to explain complex technical information to the average person. But with the diversity in the world today and having such a vast potential audience you must understand the meaning of the words you use and what they could mean to someone else.

Some technical writing projects may also include magazine and newspaper articles. These articles will probably be focused on new technologies and products. In some cases this may be in the form of an advertisement. Or it could just be an introduction to a new product saying hey this is what we have and this is what it a can do.

Although a formal education is always a plus, if you have experience and successful past ventures in technical writing it isn’t always necessary. Knowledge into the multiple components needed for technical writing is required. They key components to what you must know is an in-depth knowledge many software programs. These applications can include Visio, Quadralay Web Works Publisher, Microsoft Word, and HTML script writing.

Proper formatting, style, and organization of writings are what make them easy to follow. Correct wording, clear sentences, and easy terminology make your technical writings easy the read and comprehend. If you are employed as a technical writer with a company, you will most likely be working with a team of other writers. You writings will be reviewed for content efficiency as well as any grammar and spelling errors. Depending on the structure of the team they may be working on the same project as you or they may be working on separate projects. Either way the team is assembled as a support group to help make your technical writing be as accurate, effective, and as simple as it can be.

To succeed in technical writing these are the simple rules to follow. Keep it as simple as possible; no one wants to read four pages to find a simple one word answer. Understand the people you are talking to and what you are telling them. If you don’t understand, neither will they. Make sure you get your work proofread or read it aloud to make sure it makes sense. You know what you are trying to say, but your reader does not. You are the carrier for getting information from point A to Point B.